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Arizona Employment Lawyers association

Members & Practice Focus/Interest by Area

Generally speaking, most members of AzELA represent employees within a broad range of employment-law related matters. For instance, most members are interested in representing employees on questions involving issues of discrimination based on race, sex, disability or national origin and with respect to employment contracts, including restrictive covenants and severance agreements.

The following is a list of AzELA members who have expressed a particular interest in cases involving specific areas of employment law and employment-law-related practice. This is not a complete list of lawyers in your area whose practice focuses on employment law. Please be advised that AzELA is open to any lawyer who focuses in employment law on behalf of employees and that members are listed below based on their payment of a membership fee and their expressed interests in employment law. AzELA does not operate a “lawyer referral service.” We do not screen lawyers for ability or background, and therefore this service should not be considered a “recommendation.” Rather, we are simply trying to provide a public service by helping individuals such as you find the legal assistance they need to resolve their employment problems. We strongly urge you to spend some time in your search for an attorney, and to choose the one who is right for you. Please be aware that AzELA attorneys are not obligated to accept referrals, and always reserve the right to decline to accept a case. When selecting an attorney, it is important that you discuss all fees in advance and obtain a written fee agreement. This includes fees for the initial consultation as well as subsequent services. Each lawyer sets his or her own fees, and these may vary within a geographical area.

AzELA is an Arizona-statewide specialty bar association of lawyers

AzELA is an Arizona-statewide specialty bar association of lawyers




The Arizona Employment Lawyers Association (AzELA) does not operate a lawyer referral service, nor does AzELA provide legal advice. In addition, AzELA is not responsible for any attorney’s advice that you receive from anyone you may contact from this site. As laws vary from place to place and are constantly changing, only a lawyer can provide you with specific advice pertaining to your situation. By using this site, you are agreeing that under no circumstances will AzELA, the National Employment Lawyers Association (NELA), or any lawyer listed on this site be responsible for (1) any information contained on or omitted from the site, and (2) any person’s reliance on any such information, whether or not the information is correct, current or complete and the consequences of any action you or any other person takes or fails to take, whether or not based on information provided by or as a result of the use of this site. AzELA also is not responsible for (1) any person’s satisfaction with any lawyer, whether relating to the lawyer’s competence, diligence, or otherwise, (2) the results of any advice given by or representation from any lawyer, or (3) the failure or refusal of any attorney to respond or consult you.

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